The Thistle Story

The Thistle story began in Scotland in 1999 when a talented young builder, Simon Griffith, won apprentice of the year.

His very first project was an old Scottish school built in 1894 and falling to bits. The joy of bringing that old school house back to life had Simon hooked.

Returning to New Zealand in 2007 with Sophie and his two wee Scottish boys, Simon and Sophie had the opportunity to create Thistle Building Company. Simons continued passion for building, and their combined drive to continually improve Thistle, has been a thrilling journey.

Today, Thistle continues to grow from strength to strength, and is now recognised as one of the Wairarapas leading building companies.

If you’d like help with your dream home, contact Thistle Building here.

Wairarapas leading building companies
Wairarapas leading building companies